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Quality Policy

To help us achieve our goals Dolphiner Tekstil's quality policy involves;

- Identifying the current and potential needs and expectations of our customers and providing them with products that will achieve maximum customer satisfaction,
- Improving product quality and consistency in line with sectoral changes, modern practices, technological innovations and new trends,
- Making significant contributions to the local economy, our customers and establishment through effective and profitable management of resources,
- Increasing customer satisfaction through our after sales services, to become a sought after brand and become more competitive,
- Preserving our dynamic structure through constantly improving on our products, activities, organisational structure and technology,
- Sustaining and developing our Quality and Environmental Management System through well planned and disciplined work,
- Complying with all legal environmental requirements in our activities and production,
- Preventing pollution and preserving local resources through optimizing the technologies utilized during production stages,
- Providing encouragement for our suppliers in their efforts to save the environment,
- Ensuring and documenting that our products meet the national and international quality standards,
- With the aim to achieve the principles listed in the "United Nations Global Compact" we are committed to improving on our reputation as a "quality brand".